Now you can tweet your Signal Boost blog page

share your favorite blogs and also tweet with new features
Convert your full url to a TinyURL, and then share that!

My Signal Boost blog sharing page at now has a feature that lets you more easily Tweet the link to the page you build.

On the display page – which shows excerpts of your selected blogs on a page – you can how create a Tiny URL that you can share with others. Copy and paste the full URL from the page into that top field, then you can either Submit to get an auto-generated URL from TinyURL, or you can fill in your own version that you want.

When you submit your url, a new window will open, with the TinyURL there for you to copy and paste into Twitter, your blog, Facebook… text to someone, put in an email (your recipients will thank you for not putting a wraparound link in their email), or anywhere else you want to post it. For that matter, you can include it on printed promotional materials, and so forth. Anywhere a short link will work better than a long one — pretty much everywhere 😉

This is a big improvement, because now you can signal boost(!) the bloggers you want to support even more easily.

Let’s do this, people! Let’s do this.

What do you think? Share your feedback - and feel free to share this post!

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