Giving #autistic writers, artists, bloggers more visibility – literally

visual listing of the blogs I follow
Here’s just a sample of the excerpts of blogs I follow

On my site, I have a list of autistic bloggers I follow.

And out in the world, there are other extensive lists of autistic bloggers who come from all walks of life. The collection at Autistic Blogs List is nothing short of amazing. There have to be close to 800 blogs listed there.

Clearly, the autism community is very, very busy writing about ourselves!

The one problem is, you can’t actually see what’s behind all those links. So, you don’t really know whether or not you should stop by. In a way, even the fashions in which we chronicle our lives are inward-looking. Autistic. And yes, often inscrutible to others.

So, I have a solution — I’ve got a page of previews of all the blogs I follow at this page – Blogs I follow. There, you can see brief excerpts from the last 25 posts (or however many there may be) from each of the blogs. It’s a big list. The page takes a while to load. But it really makes it easier for me to scan the content and see what’s cookin’.

And it’s simpler to use than my WordPress reader.

I am also working on another version that lets you enter the RSS feed links for up to six blogs, and generate a page just like mine. You can then bookmark the page and either share it with others or just keep it for yourself. This could come in handy with Twitter. Oh, except for the character limits. Some of the page urls will get pretty long. But you can always link to the page from your own blog, and then tweet about your blog post. There are ways around these things.

Just a few more ways to raise our visibility and lower barriers to autistic words and art getting out there.

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