Why is Autism Missed in Females?

Nice post – covers a lot of territory. I’m not sure I agree with the numbers for Aspergers – I think they would be a lot closer, if people considered girls and women in a different light. But in any case, good information, and a great conversation starter!

The Autistic Womens Empowerment Project


This morning The Autistic Women,s Empowerment Project was featured on BBC Radio Wales alongside Doctor Judith Gould discussing the difficulties females face accessing an autism assessment ,many women are being refused a referral because GP’s do not recognise the different presentation of Autism in females due to male biased diagnostic criteria and tests

Females from the community have been raising awareness of this problem for many years .Good to have the media on board at last .

Medicine has for a long time been a male orientated field with most research being conducted on males. Sex differences in many fields are now finally being recognised and the same is true with Autism.

For many years Autism has been considered to be a condition that affects mainly men. The belief that Autism was a male condition has dominated since the early research of Kanner and Asperger which was further endorsed by…

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