Giving Patreon a try

Header for VisualVox Patreon page, showing a girl looking at a sunset across a lake
My Patreon page header

I’m a huge believer that culture doesn’t create itself… and that part of the reason our world has been sliding towards oblivion is the monopoly of culture creation by the military-industrial-entertainment complex, combined with the utter unwillingness of people to think for themselves.

I’m not an anti-corporate campaigner, as I have almost always worked for Fortune-500-type companies and their ilk, but when it comes to the creation of our arts and letters, I’m not a big fan of conglomerates throwing their weight around, and the lionization of pre-packaged, homogenized “arts and letters”.

I have also been involved in lots of alternative culture activities, including community gatherings & ceremonies, organized grass-roots community events, and tons and tons of get-togethers with like-minded folks who are most definitely on the fringe. And I’ve seen, countless times, how the event producers and organizers, as well as other types of sponsors can lose their proverbial $hirt$ in the process of creating cultural events.

If we want a different world, we need to create it ourselves. And if we’re creating it, we need to be supported. We need to support ourselves — and each other — in making the kind of world we really want to inhabit.

Patreon seems to have found a way to help make that happen. I just joined up this past week, and I just launched my page –

I’ll be posting there, as well as here, about what it’s like to be a woman on the autism spectrum… and I’ll be creating additional materials there for folks who wish to support me. I won’t be short-changing this blog, just expanding on some of the ideas over at my Patreon space for those who wish to “patreonize” me.

This should be interesting. We’ll see how it goes.


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