The pathologization of interest and curiosity

Great, great post about something that’s been bothering me, too. I prefer saying something like “Intensely focused interests” or “areas of specialization”. Saying “Special Interests” feels infantilizing and dismissive to me – as though our expertise isn’t something that is really worth developing. But clearly this world needs specialists. Else we wouldn’t have many of the things we rely on every single day.

Thirty Days of Autism

As I am increasingly connected with people in Disabilities and Autistic communities, I am finding that there were things that in the past sat quite comfortably with me – that now – looking back – make me uncomfortable.

I sometimes feel like I would love to delete a whole bunch of posts, or at the very least reword them. I resist this, because I think it is important to be able to look back and be reminded of the shifts I have made. Almost invariably, those shifts have come from my friendships and connections with Autistic adults and from reading their work (which you can check out on my blog roll to the right ➜).

So ya… I am a work in progress…

One of the things that has been occupying my thoughts for the last while is the idea of intense interests or special interests. I have written…

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