Overestimating understanding… (or not)

Another good piece – interesting. Glad I’m finding this now… lots of good stuff when I dig deeper 🙂


A recent article in the British Psychological Society’s Research Digest got me thinking.  It’s called, “Most of us are overconfident about how much we understand things – this simple intervention can help” – and it describes a strategy to give people insight into their actual level of understanding about things.

It says that humans, in general, are prone to overestimate their own understanding of a wide variety of things, from common household objects to political policies. I have always frequently been accused of being overly modest and underconfident in my own knowledge and abilities, by parents, teachers, friends and work colleagues.  This applies to me still at work where, on paper (by level of qualification), I am an expert in my field, but I still feel like a beginner. I would rather say nothing than say something wrong, and I would rather decline something I’m not certain I…

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