Baby, you are rocking my world… Stop it!

This is a very insightful post. It’s a great read!


Whilst trying to think of a simple analogy for my life as an Aspie, with sufficient explanatory power to get through to a frenemy with a distinct agenda, I thought about boats.  I thought about how my little Aspie row-boat is quite happy on a calm, flat, predictable body of water.  It does its job and makes quiet progress, with enough room for me and, should I choose, one other selected person.  However, if more than one other person should try to get into my boat, it cannot manage and may sink.  If the invited person decides to do something unexpected like stand up, move too much or get emotional, it can capsize.  If I have to venture out onto unknown waters, uncontrollable environmental factors such as waves can overwhelm my little boat.

Now think of a Neurotypical (non-aspie) boat, a large, sturdy, capable vessel like a cruise-liner.  It…

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