And now it’s time to take a break

Low tide with boats resting on the ground
My energy levels are very, very low

I’ve had an incredibly full time, since last week. I’ve been running almost non-stop, getting things together, sorting through various logistical things, reaching out to people for help, pushing, pushing, pushing… and all the while being very social, very responsive…

It’s been great. Exciting. Encouraging. Connecting. Full-on engagement with THE WORLD.

If you suspect I’m pretty much tapped out, you’re right. My proverbial well is running low. Not dry … but very, very low. The tide has rolled out. And it’s a full moon (metaphorically speaking), so the water/energy levels are negligible.

So now it’s time to take a break. Clear my calendar. Drop everything that’s non-essential from my schedule, and just live a bare-bones life for a while.

I’m not sure when I’ll resurface, but it’s time for me to duck out… until I feel like myself again.

Enjoy yourself, whatever you’re doing.


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