A world dominated by Aspie / autistic people… Part 2

More good stuff… imagine if this were possible… just imagine!

the silent wave

Well, I hit “Publish” on the previous post before I realized that I had only blogged roughly half of the notes I’d prepared.  On Twitter, we would tag that with “AspieProblems” and probably laugh about it.  I know I did.

So, one of my Twitter Aspie-tribe-mates (Aspie Under Your Radar; her excellent blog can be found here) suggested that I simply write a sequel/Part 2, and I’m gratefully taking her advice. 🙂

To bring everyone up to speed (for those who might have arrived without having seen Part 1 yet), there’s a lot of well-written and fun (!) speculation on what the world might look like if it were made to be compatible with the needs of those of us on the Asperger’s/autism spectrum, but I wanted to put a slight twist on the subject, and begin to consider…

What would a world dominated by Asperger’s/autistic people look and…

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