Crossing the Bridge

Sharing this great post – a lot of us can relate 🙂

Trans_Kate Blog

This is the first in an occasional series of blogs about my experience of identifying as autistic, and general autism issues.

I wanted to start blogging because I crossed a bridge last week.  I became someone who is not just wondering about autism, but thinks, feels and behaves as an autistic person.  Because I am autistic I now understand why a lot of things that were difficult in the past and have caused problems, and I am beginning to find strategies to deal with them.

I first began to suspect I was autistic earlier this year.  I have always had a sense of  isolation, and being a little different from other people.  I have been conscious that others see me as a little strange, hard to pigeonhole, distant, aloof, arrogant, lacking in emotional intelligence.  I am quite highly introvert, and suffer from high levels of social anxiety. Never able to…

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