3 thoughts on “When gifted kids are in classes with age-peers of average ability

  1. Liberty of Thinking

    Yep, can sadly confirm that…
    ALL throughout school I was literally tortured because I was an unrecognised Aspie, with serious Learning Disabilities (Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dyspraxia), yet with an unusual ability to learn languages (use about 6 to date…) and writing poetry from an early age. Nevertheless, I was slapped (yep, allowed those days) for not understanding non-visual maths, but no one bothered with my weird perception of geometry, been laughed and mocked for being always last at physical education (clumsy and weak…) etc, etc.
    So I ended-up nearly failing all my exams, being silenced even when I was rhetorically defending neo-classics against classics, because I was the “stupid” kid who didn’t understand a morsel of their analytical syntax. Yet no one bothered again that I knew all the theory about it, to its semantical and epistemological value, but utterly failed to practically see it, because I DON’T SEE ANY BIGGER PICTURES…
    And I ended up earning my first degree over the age of thirty, and still learning at over fifty.
    Oh, and I’ve been sent “in the corner” for questioning my teacher in lower elementary who wanted to shine a bit explaining the theory of a finite universe. He drew a line on the board to exemplify, and I went there and asked pointing my finger over his line asking: “If this be the end, what’s this side made of?”
    I’m laughing today, but it’s still bitter…
    Sorry again for the length 🙂

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    1. VisualVox

      No problem about the length. I can relate. I was hit, also, in school – paddled in kindergarten with a big wooden paddle because I didn’t follow the teacher’s instructions and “defied” her wishes. I just didn’t understand what was so terrible about what I did. I was just trying to help the little girl I had a crush on 😉

      Teachers were always threatening to punish me – my parents had to intervene. Once, with a teacher who was always sarcastic and never said anything directly, they had to tell her to Just Tell Me Exactly What To Do, and I would do it. She was going to give me detention for doing something she never explicitly told me not to do.

      Sigh. It’s just so crappy, sometimes. Ah, well. At least I have plenty of compassion to spare for folks in my same situation.

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