Here be dragons

Ah, what a great post. I really enjoyed this. I can relate. To me, the references to dragons has always meant some undefined source of fear — that can be ignorance, or it can be conditions that threaten the safety of the vessel. Even so, this analogy makes a lot of sense to me. Nice 🙂


On old maps, in territory yet to be discovered, people wrote “Here be dragons” – a disclaimer for their ignorance.

As I chart the territory of this part of the autistic spectrum I look around at some of my fellow Aspie women and fondly wonder if we are the dragons.

Some parts of the spectrum are relatively well mapped. Be clear, this is not a ‘woe is me and my uncharted journey’ post. Those parts are well mapped because the need was great. My need is subtle.

Clearly there is a landscape, built of the tendencies and the abilities of people with my sort of Autism. I’d quite like a name for that, so that I didn’t feel I was having to define myself against other people on the spectrum. As we move towards numbering I wonder if we will yet develop the sort of detailed catagorization that the T-athletes…

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