A Successful Job Interview with ASD

What a great post – I can relate to so much here. And I have used a lot of these approaches, including getting my questions ready up front. Good tips!

Confidence with ASD

You’re sitting there in a stuffy foyer, tapping your foot anxiously against the shiny white floor. Your job interview is in five minutes but it feels like you are waiting a half hour. Why? Because your nerves are getting to you. So many questions are running through your head.

What if they figure out I have autism?
Are they going to try and figure out what’s wrong with me?
What if I say something stupid in the interview?
What am I supposed to say?
What if I..?

“We’re ready for you now. Please come in.”
Your heart jumps at the sound of the employees voice. Your hands are trembling and you walk into the managers office feeling like everybody can see how afraid you are.

For someone with ASD who has been looking for work, you are probably wondering the best way to make a good impression to a possible…

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