Quiet days

I’m taking a break from Twitter and most online stuff for the weekend, to catch up with a project that I’ve been collaborating on with a friend. We chat about it once a week, and I get my “homework” to complete before our next meeting.

I’m pretty happy with it, thus far, but I’ve not been focused on it enough to give it it’s due. I’ve been caught up in other projects, including blogging. So, I’m focusing exclusively on that project this weekend. I have a list of things to do, and I’ve crossed out every project except this one.

It feels pretty good to clear the decks like that. Those other projects will be waiting for me, when I resurface.

I also did myself a favor yesterday and took care of some Big Chores that I usually have on Saturdays and Sundays. So, my day today was clear, and tomorrow it’s still clear. Time to focus in, really dedicate my attention to this work, and make some good progress before the weekend is over.

I didn’t watch any television on Friday. Nor have I spent much time online today. I’m listening to music, thinking, writing.


Very, very nice.

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