What This Autistic Teacher Wants Professionals to Know

Great stuff here! Nice and concise – and great conversation starters. Good food for thought for a conceptual “springboard”. 🙂

Everyday Aspie

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What This Autistic Teacher would like Professionals to Know . . .

ONE: Some of us on the autism spectrum embrace the word “autistic” and prefer the use of autistic over phrases such as “with autism” or “with Aspergers.” Autistic isn’t a bad word. How one refers to oneself is a personal preference.

TWO: Autism Spectrum Disorder is the correct terminology for an autism diagnosis. “Disorder” serves its purpose in diagnosing and receiving services. But some on the autism spectrum would prefer “condition” over “disorder.” Autism is a neurological condition. “Disorder” implies that something is out-of-order. Condition is more so a state of being.

THREE: “NT” means neurotypical and is a common word used in neurodiverse circles. NT means someone who is not autistic. NT serves a purpose but in some ways creates further lines and separations between autistic individuals and mainstream folks. A growing trend is found in using the…

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