The Autistic Community 

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Autism and Expectations

One of the most incredible things that the modern world has given us, is a new way to communicate.

I want to talk about an emerging group, the Autistic Community. When I first got diagnosed, I didn’t really know what to do. I had no idea that such a community existed.

I was still me. I was still the ugly-duckling, trying to work out my place in a flock of ducks. I now had a reason for why I was on the outside, but that didn’t let me in.

I used the time to work through who I would be now. Which parts I would keep and which parts I could shed. I had spent a lifetime learning to be a type of person that I wasn’t.

What had I achieved? I had hidden. I had been seen to be coping. I had lived a half-life, a pretence, an existence…

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