Self-diagnosis on the Asperger’s / autism spectrum: Yay or nay?

Great post with some great considerations and a thorough discussion of the pros and cons. Nicely done 🙂

the silent wave

I’ve mentioned before that there’s a wave of people, beginning to bloom into the flowers they were meant to be, discovering who they truly are and how they really “roll”.  Discovering why they do what they do, feel what they feel, think how/what they think.  Discovering that they’re Aspie/autistic people after all and “wow–so this is how it looks/feels like to be on the spectrum.”

Once you begin to suspect that you might be, however…then what?

Go for a diagnosis?  Get assessed or evaluated?

Self-diagnose?  Do one’s own research?

We often find ourselves frozen, in case of “paralysis by analysis”.

I fought with myself about whether or not I should seek an actual “official” diagnosis.  There seemed to be pros and cons to both options, and I struggled with the confusion.  I asked for opinions.  Of course, they varied, too.  These varying opinions outlined both options more clearly, but I…

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