The emotional torrent of Asperger’s discovery

“To be honest (is there any other way to be?)” Yes, exactly. Great post!

the silent wave

To be honest (is there any other way to be?), I struggled to find the right title for this post.  When I wrote the first notes–then just a vague outline–of this idea about two months ago, I had originally used “The emotional cycles of the healing process” for the header.  That wouldn’t have been a bad title, but it lacked a reference to Asperger’s, which is the entire driving force behind this post, not to mention the blog itself.  The other issue with the title is that the word “cycles” wouldn’t have been completely accurate.  Although some of the emotions fade away only to resurface later, some of those emotions have abated without reappearance.

The thoughts and emotions are more like a milieu or potpourri, and I considered using them in the title, but those words are a bit too soft and benign; they’re not always fit to describe what…

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2 thoughts on “The emotional torrent of Asperger’s discovery

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    Omg thank you for the re-blog!! 🙂
    (I promise I’ll be asking my fave bloggers if I can return the favor in the near future!) ❤

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    1. VisualVox

      My pleasure – wonderful, wonderful piece. No need to ask my permission to reblog anything of mine – please do so at will 🙂 Thanks for your words!


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