An open letter to everyone who has ever known me.

A wonderful, wonderful piece! So much of it, I can relate… Nice.

The Misadventures of Mama Pineapple

[Trigger warning: mental illness]

To everyone who has ever known me,

Recently, I’ve discovered something about myself. And what I’d long wondered about, and convinced myself of, was officially confirmed for me. I am autistic.

To some, it will come as no surprise at all. Others may not have seen this coming. And to others still, this may shock or alarm. But to everyone, regardless of your reaction, I would like to make something clear.

I am still the same person.

I’m still the little girl who criticised your drawing for its inaccuracy. Who denied the existence of anything she couldn’t understand or hadn’t previously encountered firsthand. The little girl who was reading books recommended for children way older than she. The little girl who told on other children. I had, and still have, a strong sense of justice and fairness. You had done something wrong. You hurt me…

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