Pesky senses

Great post! Lots of great, great info here – and lots that I can relate to. Especially the proprioceptive feedback. Doing heavy lifting and hard work helps a lot with that. Also, touch. Classic tactile defensiveness, here – and the most frustrating this is how variable it can be. I’m never sure how I’ll be able to handle it. But it’s just part of my life, so…

Paula Sanchez

[image shows a background of random light trails, with a column of pink text saying ‘smell, taste, hear, see, touch, move, feel’]

Managing sensory problems in everyday life

All of us humans rely on our senses every moment of every day. Our senses protect us and enable us to move around and engage with the world. Our senses bring us great pleasure and tremendous pain.

When our sensory systems work well they make our lives so much easier and much more interesting. Our eyes adapt to varying light, bringing pleasure through art and signalling hazards on our paths. Our noses welcome pleasant scents and warn us of rancid food. Our ears bring us the joy of music and alert us to oncoming traffic. Our sense of taste makes eating a pleasure and helps us avoid poisons.

We use touch to hold, manoeuvre and feel, as well as to be held…

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