Mama Bear

Great post! Lots of good food for thought – finding the balance, and making room for growth…

Everyday Autistic

I recently found my “mama bear!”


She’s been hiding somewhere. Out in the way-back country of my psyche, I suppose. She’s awake, and I am not so sure what to do with her. However, I notice these seismic emotional waves generated by an impulse of some sort or another. To be frank, the thought of convictions frighten me. Just yesterday, I researched “convictions”—specifically “woman of conviction”—to make sure I even understood the word.


After some classic Google-surfing, I came to the conclusion that more than likely any human harbors some form of convictions in order to live, beyond the existence of a jelly-like substance, that is. (Thoughts of recent romp at Westport beach in Washington state, with my Aspie partner, surfacing—full on images of mutilated chunks of brainless jellyfish splattered out on the damp sand; some haphazard hopscotch of clear silicone. “What’s this look like to you?” my partner had asked…

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