Autism is a Normal Neurological Variance

Such a wonderful, wonderful post. It says so much so elegantly. Nicely done! Gold star… for days =:-D

Autism and Expectations

What is Autism?

It’s a social processing condition.
It’s a different way of processing sensory information.
It’s a different way of interfacing with the world.

What isn’t autism?

Autism isn’t a learning disability.
Autism doesn’t mean a low or high IQ.
Autism isn’t a behavioural problem.
Autism isn’t a person trapped inside a mental cage.
Autism isn’t a lack of empathy.

Fundamentally, autism isn’t the enemy.

When you hear about the poor child suffering from autism, you’re hearing a perpetuation of a misleading and hurtful narrative.

We don’t call neurotypical people high-functioning or low-functioning. We don’t look at their intelligence and use it as an indication of how well they are. We don’t assume intelligent equals fine, and unintelligent equals problematic. We look at the whole person.

Autistic people are no less whole. We are no less complicated. If you wouldn’t categorise the majority of the population as high or…

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