Information, social communication, and empathy – let’s look at a little closer…

What a great post – this hits on so many important considerations and concepts, and it’s a great view into the interior of personal experience.

The Misadventures of Mama Pineapple

Apologies, folks – this is a looooong one….

I hadn’t intended to address The Empathy Question just yet. Since my formal diagnosis, I have shared my blog more widely with people I know, and in particular many of my non-autistic friends. I’d like to educate, inform, (hopefully) entertain a little, and basically not get too political for the time being. It was my intention to pootle along, writing whimsically about my love of green spaces, my fascination at the structure of leaves and flowers, the way the sky sparkles for me and whatnot, interspersing this perhaps with the odd discussion of social interaction faux pas.

But The Empathy Question has been bothering me, and it’s an itch I must therefore scratch.

One of the things that increasingly frustrates me about media explanations of autism is the tendency to describe the condition purely in terms of visible behaviour, and nothing more. Time and…

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