What needs fixing with autism / Aspergers

We need a list of sh*t that needs fixing — from the autistic point of view. And we need to make a case for it, to justify funding. Things like working schedules, environmental PITAs like bright lights and loud noises and crowds, as well as training for neurotypical family members, partners, colleagues. OH, and let’s not forget the police and legal system, medical system, etc. There’s plenty of ground to cover, and while we may not agree on every single thing, I think there are some areas which could bear significant fruits, if pursued properly.

Researchers seem to focus on stuff that’s scientifically fascinating, like genetic and biomarker type stuff. Couple problems with that — it can be used against us to wipe us out, and it doesn’t have much practical value for the thousands up on thousands of us who grapple with autistic / neurotypical world interface challenges on a daily basis.

So, I’m starting a list.

Feel free to add your own items in the comments field at the bottom. Follow my formatting, please.

This will be updated, as time goes on. If you have ideas for additional criteria to track, please comment away.

So, let’s start:

Category Problem Cost Benefit of Fixing
Work Rigid scheduling of hours Energy-depleting, exhausting, counter-productive after a certain point in the week Greater productivity, job performance, retention, employee development
Shopping Bright lights in stores Confusing, overwhelming, leads to poor decision-making, avoidance of stores More shopper traffic, more patronage, better reputation
Restaurants Loud environments Energy-depleting, exhausting, inability to relax, impact to establishment reputation, avoidance of venue More patronage by autists and their families



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