Or maybe being super-smart makes us harder to find

Early studies estimated that at the high-IQ end, the male-to-female ratio is as high as 10-to-1. The picture emerging from studies looking at girls with autism over the past few years suggests this ratio is artificially inflated, either because girls at this end of the spectrum hide their symptoms better, or because the male-biased diagnostic tests aren’t asking the questions that might pick up on autism in these girls — or both.
Our intelligence can work against women on the autism spectrum

If you’re a smart woman, yourself, you pretty much know how well you can hide yourself, when you need to. Perhaps if more women were able to stay in science and advance in science, we’d have less trouble with researchers being blind to autistic women.

Read more about how women on the spectrum are missed, ignored, and misdiagnosed here – https://spectrumnews.org/features/deep-dive/the-lost-girls/

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