I feel the same. So, yeah, here’s another person who’s struggling with it.

The Autistic Mermaid

I just posted on twitter about not having blogged for a while due to lack of laptop but also feeling inferior to other autistic bloggers who I feel are so much more articulate and succinct than I could ever be.

Should I explore why I feel like that?

I’ve had to unfollow (and been unfollow education in return) a somewhat prominent autistic account due to their complete refusal to accept self diagnosis as valid. (By the way, I am by no means throwing shade at this person, they are totally entitled to their own opinions and I respect that). Whilst I vehemently disagree with their opinion, I think I’ve subconsciously taken on board their negativity.

I identify as autistic. I’m proud of it. I can tickets almost every box, relate to so many autistic feelings and experiences. I’ve had 2 psychiatrists tell me they would place me on the spectrum…

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