Awesomely Autistic, Awesomely Distinguishable – from the Autism Women’s Network

I found this great piece written by Amy Sequenzia on July 22, 2016

I have written quite a lot about ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis), which I call Autistic Conversion Therapy. The official language of the program is “to make Autistic children indistinguishable from their peers”. Every time I write about it, I see comments that go from agreeing with me, and supporting the points I make – sometimes with personal stories of PTSD caused by ABA – to disagreement and outrage, to hate messages.

The people who disagree with me usually say that ABA is what helps their kids learn things like “buttoning their shirts”, or “safety”, or “life skills”. They claim that they don’t want to change who the kids are, even if they say that they want the children to be accepted by a society that will only accept them if they look less Autistic.

As a friend says: let that sink in.

Read the rest at: Awesomely Autistic, Awesomely Distinguishable – Autism Women’s Network


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