The world listens to my “A” side, but rarely realizes I have a “B” side.

Picture of hands holding a vinyl record
Which side is the one with the better song on it?

Something just occurred to me when I was writing earlier today — My life is kind of like a vinyl single record, which has an “A” side with a big hit on it, as well as a “B” side that has a lesser known tune on it, that the record company would like to get out there.  Since singles stopped being released on vinyl, the analogy may be lost on a lot of folks. But those who remember the vinyl singles of yesteryear, will get it.

Sometimes the “B” side was actually better than the “A” side — and you could listen to both, when you liked. You’d get the popular tune that everyone knows about and sings along to in their car, and then you’d get the lesser-known song that’s just a really good song, but without the madly popular appeal.

My life is like that record — I have an “A” side, which I show to the neurotypically-expecting world, with common gestures and mannerisms and modes of being that everyone is proverbially “singing along to” in the course of their regular lives.

And then I have a “B” side, which is my preferred mode, but very few people realize is there, because they’re so busy listening to the popular “A” side — and I’m so used to playing it, over and over and over, like those rare 33s we used to get when we were kids (I think we had maybe two of them in the whole house, because we were a very religious, conservative family that distrusted rock music).

Of course, there are people who’d recognize that “B” side if they experienced it, but it only shows up in certain circumstances, where it’s safe — online, mainly. Or with people who I know won’t punish me for being different in ways that can be difficult.

So, that’s my magical analogy for the day. I like it. It’s a keeper.

How are you enjoying your “B” side today?

3 thoughts on “The world listens to my “A” side, but rarely realizes I have a “B” side.

  1. Liberty of Thinking

    Oh, the more I’m listening to my “B” side, the more I’m loving it.
    And at a closer look, it’s got a beautiful silver-lining, but I’m not going to let anyone too close…
    And you know what?
    When my “A” side is playing, it’s the “B”, silver coated side which upholds what I’m allowing the world to see.
    My “B” side is my silver plate 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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