Simply Difficult

A lot of this sounds familiar to me, too. Good food for thought.

Endeavour to Live

I’m willing to bet my miniscule amount of life savings that the majority of Aspies, or women on the spectrum have severe difficulty with coping with the simple things. I’ll explain in more detail.

You see, I think I’m pretty bright in a funny unconventional way. However, my intelligence is often contradicted when I seem to struggle with understanding mundane life tasks. Usually it’s tasks that are packed with a stupendous amount of technical information that goes through one ear,gives a farewell to my brain ; exiting out the other. I guess it’s not an exclusively spectrum problem, but struggling to carry out tasks such as tax return, and organising stuff for a new car can be quite overwhelming.

I know I’m not the only person on the spectrum who struggles with this kind of thing, because I am with a facebook group for women on the spectrum, and many…

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