This is very interesting reading. I see a lot of parallels for many folks.

The Autistic Voice

Hi Readers

A different subject for you, along with apologies for the tardiness of my blog.

My husband, Joe (also with Asperger’s) is a freemason and has been through the Master’s Chair of his lodge. It was pretty stressful for him (and me), so he took a break following that year. Recently he has returned to active freemasonry and to our shock he is now about to be promoted to grand rank, quicker than most.

I shall attempt to reveal how an autistic person may be affected within freemasonry as general autism statistics would suggest that there are likely to be others like Joe.

Joe had a desire to join freemasonry, because one of his obsessive or narrow interests is history and tradition.   He absorbs facts like a sponge.  He spent many years studying freemasonry and its traditions before contacting Grand Lodge and consequently being introduced to his local…

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