An extraordinarily pleasing book arrival

This week, I got my copy of Everyday Aspergers. I’m a sensory book freak – I love the heft of them (and all that the weight means — all those hours of long, hard work and love and dedication and… and… and…). I love the smell of them, the shape of them, the solidity of them.

I was especially pleased by the packaging done. A neatly closed cardboard mailer with clear packing tape positioned exactly where it should be positioned to ensure the mailer doesn’t tear in the Post Office machinery, as well as giving the recipient instant access to the tear strip. I had to snip the tape to get the flap open, but that was simple enough.

Picture of cardboard book mailer with clear packing tape across the flap
Now THIS is how book mailers should be taped!

And then the book itself — neatly enclosed in shrinkwrap, in excellent condition, the corners still sharp and clean, not crumpled from a back packing job.

Book partiallly inside cardboard mailer

Nicely done Booklogix! Nicely done.

Oh, and that goes for Sam Craft, too 😉

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