Aspies – We Need to Toughen Up

I concur. I find pushing myself and disregarding the nagging issues I have (they’re probably never going away, anyway) to be the only way I can live a full and productive life. The minute I fall into a “disabled” mindset about myself, I start to spiral downhill. This is NOT a judgment of folks who are disabled. It’s simply my own attitude and orientation in life.

Never let them see you sweat, is right. I’d rather be choking back nausea for days on end (which I often do) and be fully functional, than accommodate myself and have just a fraction of the activity I have.

Life needs to be lived, and it’s not waiting for me to feel better. If I do that, I will never. ever. do. anything.

Nice post.

Anonymously Autistic

I’ve been fairly successful in life because I push myself. I don’t have a big house, fancy car, or name brand things, but our modest home and practical vehicles serve us just fine. We life day to day, paycheck to paycheck, but life is good. We have what we need.

Every day I push myself to my limits – as I write this blog I am struggling through sensory overload just trying to get words out.

When I’ve gone too long without refreshing my batteries I sometimes get sensory overload. Many people now understand that sensory overload is something that many Aspies struggle with, but my sensory overload is a bit different.

All of my senses seem to connect to two parts of my body – my head and my stomach. Most of the time when I am worn down I will get a “headache”. Naps or long hot baths…

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