AS Spot Check Tool – Now live on Spectrum–AAA

Version 1.0 is now available!

The Aspergers / Autism Issues “Spot Check” Tool is a tool for individuals on the Autism Spectrum (or their loved ones or caregivers) to assess and manage the state of their autism.

This tool lets you “check in” about common autistic aspects and see which ones are most pronounced. For those of us who are great at seeing the proverbial trees (in all their detailed glory), but sometimes have trouble seeing the proverbial forest, this tool provides an overview about which ones are most pronounced, and which ones may be causing the greatest challenges.

See for more.

7 thoughts on “AS Spot Check Tool – Now live on Spectrum–AAA

    1. VisualVox

      Thanks! This is really just the start, and the main thing is that I got the program working behind the scenes. 🙂

      I wanted to call out things that might need to be managed… but there can be other things, as well. I’m planning on having a different ranking system for things that are actually good — like Stimming and Lists and Routine. I think they’re really good. And they need a different color.

      My intention is to make this about full-spectrum experience, and to make it useful as well.

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  2. This field was intentionally left blank

    This is amazing! I’ll have to get to a real computer and enter my data in. I’m curious to see how it comes out. I know that the “negatives” are probably just a starting point; as this develops (and I hope you get time to!) you’ll add to it 😊 I totally love this ❤️

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