Making room for myself – my own AS assessment tools

aspie-quiz-overviewI’ve been taking Asperger’s / Autism assessments since February, 1998. I’ve taken just about every one I could find, though I’m sure there are more out there.

One thing that really bothers me is how they seem to be skewed towards the stereotypical traits of Caucasian males, especially younger ones. I understand the ADOS diagnostic tool seems very “child-oriented” as well. So, in addition to not yet having access to an official diagnosis, the diagnostic tools I’ve heard about don’t actually seem to include me.

Heck, precious few of the diagnostic criteria include those of us who don’t fit neatly into those narrow definitions — despite us being well and truly on the autistic spectrum.

I use diagnostic tools / assessments not just to put my mind at ease about “Am I really an Aspie?” but also to manage my issues. I like to see where I am, on any given day. Seeing as folks on the autistic spectrum can be variable, from day to day, it strikes me as a little self-defeating to rely on a single test to “do the trick” and say yea or nay on whether you’re on the spectrum. It also seems self-defeating to use it one time and one time only.

The most benefit comes from looking at daily issues — so they can be managed.

I’m talking about having tools that help us assess where we are and then manage our issues.

And I don’t see a lot of them out there.

So, I am building some, myself.

In the works:

  1. A fairly comprehensive compilation of traits and issues that have been identified in lots and lots of recognized tests (and experts’ writings).
  2. A quick online visualizer to show you where you’re “at” with regard to certain core issues, to help you better understand them — and also help communicate to others.

#1 was started first.

#2 is actually nearly done. Less work, more fun. More motivating.

Watch this space – more to come.

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