I’ve had a fantastic idea about how to communicate my issues

Sectional - abstract art with curves and lines and colors, done in 2008
Sectional” – color marker and ballpoint pen on watercolor paper – VisualVox 2008

At times, I become very non-verbal. Words fail me. I can’t get them out. And I can’t explain why, so that people around me can help get me righted again.

I’ve just ordered some very, very basic supplies, which should get to me in the space of a few days. Then I can test it out – with my rehab therapist, especially – and let you all know how it’s working.

It’s multi-dimensional. It’s visual. It’s also easy to transport, easy to organize, and I think it could really help me and people around me who are frustrated when I’m unable to articulate my issues, so they can help.

I think it could work. I really do.

More to come.

3 thoughts on “I’ve had a fantastic idea about how to communicate my issues

    1. VisualVox

      It’s a 3-D approach to identifying the issues I’m having on any given day. Right now, I’m using Lego-type toys. But I actually envision something that’s in one piece that people I use to call out the types of issues I’m having — or “where I’m at” on any given day. I hope it will A) help me to better identify and manage my issues, and B) help me communicate to others what’s going on with me.

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