People said my artwork was too “simplistic” and “controlled”

But with the Asperger’s “conceptual overlay”, perhaps it makes more sense?

abstract design with circles and arcs and straight lines, all with yellow, red, blue, teal, green coloring
A piece I created in 2008, marker and ink on watercolor paper

I mean, I never thought it seemed simplistic or controlled? It just felt right to me, and I really didn’t appreciate others’ (NT?) critical appraisals. I made art for myself, because I thought it was beautiful, and that was more than enough for me.

I made a lot of art around 2008-2010. Then I stopped for some reason. I think it just got to be too much. And people were starting to pry and snoop. It just felt invasive, although I’m sure they were just trying to be interested and friendly.

That’s the problem with publicity.

It gets you attention. 😉

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