Pushing It

coastguard boat going over the crest of a wave
Somehow, I’ve always been up for an adventure

Here are some of the ways I’ve danced close to the edge and pushed my luck.  Asperger’s has no doubt played a significant role in each of these instances. I’m sure I can think of more, but for now, here’s the short list:

  • Nearly got abducted while playing in the field (7 yrs old)
  • Walking across town with my sister (in a small city) to do sketching (9 years old)
  • Talking to strangers (all childhood)
  • Climbing trees (all childhood)
  • Oh, those poor suitors (N. 9 yrs old and & J. 15 yrs old)
  • Caught out skiing (16 yrs old)
  • Walking the rails in upstate NY (19 yrs old)
  • Cycling at midnight with no lights  (19 yrs old)
  • That stalker dude (20 yrs old)
  • One-way plane ticket to Europe (21 yrs old)
  • Almost abducted into white slavery (21 yrs old)
  • Rowing across the bay (26 yrs old)
  • Crossing the country & running out of money (27 yrs old)
  • Getting on the back of a poorly driven motorcycle (29 yrs old)
  • Crossing the country again (30 yrs old)
  • Bailing out of my “real job” to build websites (31 yrs old)
  • Driving long distances, very late at night, in all weather (31-40+ yrs old)
  • Startup work and job-hopping (40-45 yrs old)
  • Swimming the full length of the lake by myself (45 yrs old)
  • Trying to out-run the police (46 yrs old)
  • Going after police officers (47 yrs old)
  • Mobster chat (48 yrs old)
  • Taking on a Hell’s Angel (51 yrs old)

And I’m looking forward to digging into them all.

In time.

In time.


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