Everyday Aspergers Book! Reviews and Preorders

The book is now available! Check it out, and if you can, get your own copy! This is a great step towards understanding and proper representation of women on the Autism Spectrum — long overdue and fully deserving of every bit of support we can muster!

20 thoughts on “Everyday Aspergers Book! Reviews and Preorders

  1. Hi VisualVox,

    My goal is to assemble the most complete possible list of Autistic blogs (written by Actually Autistic people). I have discovered several new Autistic blogs from your site (both in post links and from your sidebar).

    Would you be willing to email me a list of all Autistic blogs you are aware of and/or subscribe to, so I can include them on my lists (on my blog and on Spectrum Suite, LLC)?

    Thank you.

    Judy (An Autism Observer)

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    1. VisualVox

      Hi Judy, I just made a copy of the list of blogs I follow – some of them don’t have an autism focus, so I tried to trim the list a bit. I may have messed up, but there’s now a list of 77 Autism-ish blogs on your comments section 🙂 Hope that helps. Thank you for compiling the list! I’ll be sure to bookmark it!


      1. VisualVox

        Holy smokes! That is a long list!

        You could try categorizing it under “men” “women” “non-binary” “parents” etc. That might split it up a bit. Also, could you make the text bigger? And maybe you could make two columns instead of just one? Just some ideas… Yes, I’ll publicize it.

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      2. I’m starting the categorization process. How would you like to be categorized?

        I added instructions for increasing the font size. Are you satisfied with this compromise regarding making the text bigger?

        Thanks for the publicity.

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      3. VisualVox

        Oh, I’m not sure… I would find it useful to have them separated by gender / domestic status, but that’s just me. If there are blogs specifically about being an autistic parent raising autistic children, that would be helpful. Or if some focus on movies or books or social issues… it’s a hard one. I imagine you’ll change it up in the future, at some point.

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      4. VisualVox

        Ah, that is progress. What I imagined you meaning, when you talked about categorizing, is actually breaking up the list into sections for each category, so that autistic parents of autistic children would be grouped together, women on the spectrum would be grouped together, men, non-binary, queer, personal blogs, etc.

        I think you’ve made a great start – now breaking them into more easily “scannable” chunks will be helpful, if you can do that.

        Thanks for compiling this list! Very impressive.

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      5. Breaking up the list into sections will come later. First I need to categorize the blogs, which I’m doing now.

        What I’d like feedback on is my descriptive comments, intended to help readers select blogs of interest. I’ve generally tried to include as much description for each blog as I could fit on one line (with how my browser is set up) but haven’t been entirely consistent because I’m still trying to figure out the best approach. It’s somewhat labor-intensive because I’ve been reading each blogger’s “About” page (if they have one), their first post, scanning the blog, and/or relying on my memory from having read previously.

        What do you think? Too much description? Too little? Wrong emphases?


      6. I’ve now broken up the list into the following sections.

        Autistic mothers with Autistic child(ren)
        Autistic fathers with Autistic child(ren)
        Autistic mothers without Autistic children
        Autistic fathers without Autistic children
        Female Autistic non-parents
        Male Autistic non-parents
        Non-binary Autistic non-parents
        Other Autistic blogs (not yet classified)

        I would like your advice over whether (and how) to break out some of the categories into subsections.

        The current tally is as follows:

        Autistic mothers with Autistic child(ren): 52
        cis, heterosexual: 48
        cis, non-heterosexual: 1
        trans*: 0
        non-binary (AFAB): 3

        Autistic fathers with Autistic child(ren): 6
        cis, heterosexual: 6
        cis, non-heterosexual: 0
        trans*: 0
        non-binary (AMAB): 0

        Autistic mothers without Autistic children: 37
        cis, heterosexual: 33
        cis, non-heterosexual: 1
        trans*: 2
        non-binary (AFAB): 1

        Autistic fathers without Autistic children: 5
        cis, heterosexual: 5
        cis, non-heterosexual: 0
        trans*: 0
        non-binary (AMAB): 0

        Female Autistic non-parents: 230
        cis, heterosexual: 204
        cis, non-heterosexual: 24
        trans*: 2

        Male Autistic non-parents: 67
        cis, heterosexual: 60
        cis, non-heterosexual: 3
        trans*: 4

        Non-binary Autistic non-parents: 10

        Other Autistic blogs (not yet classified): 320

        Please let me know if you agree with the eight categories I’ve chosen, or whether (and how) you recommend you recommend I break out other categories (such as trans*, non-heterosexual, etc.). Also let me know if you have other recommendations for improvement.


        Judy (An Autism Observer)

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      7. VisualVox

        Wow! Quite a list! Excellent work! If you provided a “legend” at the top to show what all the category letters mean, that would be great. Or maybe you already have that, and I just didn’t see it? I think if you add the legend above each section in its own row, it will make them easier to pick out. Nicely done!


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