Autism: Lesser Known “Facts”

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1. A significant number of autistics don’t identify with a gender or are transgender or bi-gender. A significant number of male autistics relate to the autistic experience that the majority of female Aspergerians express, particularly, intense and confusing emotions, deep empathy, sense of isolation and awkwardness, not being believed when authentic, and difficulty with conforming to or understanding the societal norms and expectations of a specific gender

2. Some adults are diagnosed or recognize they are autistic later on in life. For the most part the diagnosis or realization of ASD can bring feelings of comfort and a sense of community. However, finding out you are autistic later in life can also result in mental and emotional distress and confusion, situational depression, further self-isolation, complex and painful introspection, and loss of identity and sense of self. Late-age diagnosed autistics are commonly left searching for answers whilst dodging through all the autism-related misnomers and recirculating…

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