Why I Study Science…and Where I Stand Moving Forward

Yes. This.

“Honestly, it has been some time since I have actually seen a true basic science paper studying autism. Basic characterizations are spun as revolutionary ideas begging for therapeutic application. Experimental results are patented before publication and spun off into companies on nothing more than a whim and a prayer. Controversial theories entirely unsupported by fact are announced as gospel truths on the gravitas of authority; and are subsequently used to do cause harm to autistics under the guise of compassion.”

This is a fantastic read from a real ally. It addresses a number of important points I think any responsible scientist will explore. I get a little tired of “autism science” being the equivalent of tossing cooked spaghetti against the wall to see what works.

Why Haven't They Done That Yet?

A Personal Aside

I have been thinking a lot lately about why it was exactly I got into science and have been pursuing an academic career. I thought I would take the effort to collect my thoughts here in case my ramblings prove helpful for anyone else.

It is actually rather simple to explain why I am in science. To be perfectly blunt, it is the culminated experiences I have had with my late twin brother Kyle who was autistic. My future scientific directions and decisions in life are shaped by what time I had with Kyle, and particularly by his death.

Reader’s Digest Intro to Kyle

Despite the world telling me different, I never felt that Kyle was broken. We watched Monty Python’s Flying Circus and Mr. Bean together, we went to movies together, he was my partner in crime whenever I wanted to misbehave as a child-and always…

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