What if we had our own AS heraldry?

Coat of arms showing blue lion on a gold field with a red horizontal stripe across the middleWhen I was a kid, I was passionately interested in the Middle Ages. Knights. King Arthur. More knights. Quests. And more.

I was also keenly interested in heraldry, and I came up with my own coat of arms design (which I just re-discovered a few weeks ago, when I was going through a box of childhood items. I’ll post it when I get a digital copy. It’s kind of cool.

Each of the symbols on a coat of arms – the colors, too, and how things are arranged – means something.

And I’m wondering if we couldn’t take the autie/aspie badge thing a step farther, and create emblems that indicate our issues to others who are “in the know” about what they mean. We could show our challenges, our strengths, our sensitivities, our traits which make us who we are. And it would be in a way that people who don’t care about those things probably wouldn’t understand at all. Of course, disclosure is never simple, so there could be an element of vulnerability to it, depending on how you handled your own coat of arms.

It’s an intriguing thought… I think I’ll develop this for my own purposes, and if anyone else wants to join me, then so much the better.

What do you think? Share your feedback - and feel free to share this post!

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