It’s about more than a meltdown…

The fire starts earlier...
The fire starts earlier on…

I’ve been updating the manuscript I started back in 2008, to discuss the daily events in my hypersensory life, which ultimately led to more meltdowns than I can count.

I wanted to write a book that would chart the course from beginning to end, and explain to folks who are wondering “WTF is up with this meltdown/shutdown business?” People like parents, spouses, loved-ones, friends, others who are significant and caring and genuinely want to understand what precedes a debilitating meltdown which includes self-harm. Therapists. Counselors. People who make their career about helping people — especially women — who struggle with these kinds of things.

Maybe, just maybe, what I write can shed some light on that.

The farther I get into the book, though, the more I realize that it’s not just about meltdowns. It’s about everything. Especially the sensory experience of Aspergers / autism. It’s about feeling, hearing, seeing, tasting, touching, smelling, sensing Every Single Thing — including Lots Of Things that neurotypical people don’t.

Or can’t.


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