The higher we build our barriers: NT, undiagnosed, diagnosed

These are some great points to consider. I think we all need to be mindful of the ways we think and talk about others, Especially as we don’t appreciate being on the receiving end of bias and prejudice. I do think there are some legitimate complaints, yet there are some ways of approaching misunderstandings that are more collaborative and more compassionate than others.

Everybody has their difficulties. It’s important for me to not make things more difficult, still.


One of the things that put me off taking part in the autistic community was the level of venom spat out by some against the Neurotypical world.

“Why can’t NTs do this?”

“When will NTs get it?”

“NTs are so stupid they think…”

I imagine the answer to all of the above and more is because they’re human. Because we are all struggling, we none of us understand things that aren’t in our own experience until we’ve had them explained to us, and as humans we’re limited. We may have been making a superb effort to understand people who are different to us and just not got around to a particular category yet!

Imagine if it were the other way around and a neurotypical person was saying:

“Why can’t autistics do this?”

“When will autistics understand that”

“Autistics are stupid”

We’d be furious.

Autistic or neurotypcial it shouldn’t matter. We know this best…

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