How to Get Better at Eye Contact with Autism and Aspergers

Great tips and some good insights about what’s really going on behind the scenes. And helpful ways to do what seems impossible at times – maintain eye contact.

Confidence with ASD

There’s the old saying, the eyes are the windows to our souls. And maybe that’s why people with ASD have such a hard time looking others in the eye.

Growing up with Aspergers, I didn’t like looking at strangers when they were talking to me. In fact it’s still something I have to make a focused effort at doing. It’s like trying to look at the sun. You can get a quick glance at it but after staring at it too long, you get this sensation of “I can’t take this anymore. Look at something else.”

The same experience has been shared by many others with ASD. They have a certain discomfort when it comes to talking to others, especially people they are unfamiliar with. In fact some people with ASD have even said in order to properly pay attention to someone they’re talking to they need to be not…

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