Meet Michelle: Samantha Craft interviews autistic author Michelle Vines

Lots of great, great points! Nice interview 🙂

Everyday Aspie

Asperger’s on the Inside is an acutely honest and often highly entertaining memoir by Michelle Vines about life with Asperger’s Syndrome. The book follows Michelle in exploring her past and takes the reader with her on her journey to receiving and accepting her diagnosis.” ~ Book description on Amazon.

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Samantha Craft interviews author Michelle Vines about her memoir Aspergers on the Inside, an insightful firsthand account that explores with heartfelt clarity various aspects of life as an autistic.

Samantha: Michelle, thank you for your time today here and thank you for dedicating years to writing your book Aspergers on the Inside. I appreciated the copy you sent me. I found your story to be heartfelt, genuine, and refreshing. You have an airiness and lightness to your writing that makes for an easy flow of your insights and thoughts. Also, I appreciate how you focus on some of…

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