Why “Just Ignore It” is Bad Advice To Bullying Victims

I was bullied as a child, too. I spent 5th grade being called out and ridiculed by other kids, the whole year long. I spent 7th grade hiding from older kids who constantly threatened to beat me up. I spent a lot of time in bathroom stalls with my feet held up out of view. This contributed to me later being unable to defend myself from other people’s wrath when I misread their cues.

My parents told me to “Just ignore it,” also.

And no, it did not help. It hurt. For years and years after. Not sure it’s ever stopped hurting me.

Thanks for writing this. Keep going.

A Flickering Life

Looking back over this blog, it hits me this has been almost as much an anti-bullying site as it has been an autism advocacy site. That’s fine with me. I’m openly a bullying victim and I don’t mind being open about the experience. My words are a tool to be used in service of fixing this toxic situation. I do all I can to fix it.

So it is that I find myself here. I’m certain I’ve covered this before. I know I’ve said it before. But I really, really need to go into this topic because of late I’ve been hearing these words a lot. And I’m not ok with it.

In the last few weeks, I’ve experienced an amount of harassment online. I won’t engage in hyperbole and say it’s a lot. After all I know people who get it way worse. I’m a cishet white man so…

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