Don’t Take Away My Routine (Or Demand Too Many Changes At Once!)

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Autism Worlds-Eye Blog

Written by Steve Thomas, MSc (expected 2016)

For many people continuity and routine are not only healthy but recommended, irrespective of whether this is derived from employment, hobbies or simply meeting the same people each week to simply catch up or discuss trials and tribulations of life. For individuals with Autism or Aspergers, routines and consistency are much more significant, becoming a way of structuring time, mitigating the likelihood of uncertainties occurring (unforeseen events, changes or ‘disasters’) and as a way of managing stress and anxiety levels that can be higher (and more persistent) in Autism Spectrum Conditions.

Why routines may be more helpful?

Daily or weekly routines (timetables, activity logs, schedules etc.) don’t just provide meaning or purpose for many autistic people, continuity may actually help with emotional regulation, serving as a coping mechanism and an anti catastrophizing aid, intended to make changes feel more manageable.

What too many changes may…

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