A3PB – Alt #Autism #Aspergers Profile Builder – better as a spreadsheet?

spreadsheetSo, here’s my technical and logistical dilemma:

In order to build out a web-based Autie/Aspie profile builder with all the appropriate bells and whistles to do what I want it to do, I need (at bare minimum):


  • a proper registration and login system – which also prevents duplication of data and keeps ruffians at bay
  • a properly architected and implemented anonymized data collection method
  • a data storage strategy — structured or unstructured? Hmmm…
  • charts and graphs that do justice to the data collected
  • printability, portability
  • responsive design that works on all devices
  • a long-term upkeep, update, and maintenance plan

All this is beyond the scope of my time and energy, at this point. I’m working full-time, I run out of energy quickly, and while I could conceivably solve all these issues in due time, I really want to get this profile builder out there. Like, yesterday.

So, the short-term answer will be a spreadsheet (Open Office and possibly Excel), with formulas and drop-downs and charts embedded in it.  The rows will all be sortable, there will be citations included, and there will be (nearly) all the features that you’d find in the web-based too I envision. It’s just not going to be online. (In the future, I may build out an online tool that will accept a .csv version of a filled-in spreadsheet, so that data already collected can be rolled into the “Aspie data lake”.)

It’ll be downloadable, which has its own advantages — namely, there’s no danger of timeout, while filling out the fields, and the data is all kept on your own system/device. I know it’s not going to be mobile-friendly, but then, a lot of the self-assessment tools are not at all mobile-friendly, being artifacts from the late 1990s and early 2000s.

It’s not going to be as slick with all the bells and whistles, but it will be a far sight more complete than the self-assessment tools currently available. And it will address a number of important aspects of Aspie life, namely the severity of certain issues and the degree to which it impacts your daily life.

So, there it is.

Now I can focus on the content, rather than the technology to display and aggregate it.


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