Sharing Why the NAS #JudgeyFace campaign just doesn’t work for me

If you haven’t seen it, the national autistic society currently have a campaign running on twitter using the tag 

I first became aware of the campaign last night, when someone I follow retweeted a photo with the hashtag attached. I clicked through to investigate, and was unfortunately really disappointed with what I found.

I’m usually a supporter of NAS, but this campaign just felt a bit off to me. I was upset, and I tweeted a quick reply saying as such. I didn’t want to shout at them, I really believe in what they do, but I wanted them to know that not everyone was feeling okay about this choice of campaign.

Today, I had a reply from someone who disagreed with my feelings (which is perfectly okay I might add!) I didn’t want to get into any kind of argument, I don’t think that really works well on twitter, but it did make me want to justify my feelings in writing:

Read her excellent points in more detail at: Why the NAS #JudgeyFace campaign just doesn’t work for me


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