Parenting and Autisming

Really great post – I haven’t got kids, but I can really relate to the marriage pieces. Nice.

Autism and Expectations

There are many articles about parenting a child with autism, but what about parenting when you’re the autistic one?

I’ve read a couple of articles that suggested that autism couldn’t be an evolutionary step or a genetic trait, because autistic people don’t like relationships and so wouldn’t produce children.

I should probably let all the autistic mothers and fathers know. They’ve clearly been autisming wrong.

When I autism (it’s a verb, to autism: to be a bit odd, flap your hands, not engage socially and abhor all human contact) I’m definitely doing it wrong.

For one I have children. I have more than the average number of children. And here’s the true abhorrence, I like them. I like being around them. I like the way they look at the world. But most of all I like how they look at me with love and a complete lack of social expectations.

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